Energy Access, Renewables, and Infrastructure

Non-Destructive Equipment Systems (NDES) to evaluate infrastructure assets

Develop and use very low cost, and simple to maintain, non-destructive equipment systems (NDES) to evaluate and video-log infrastructure assets, including underground water pipeline systems, non-paved farm to market road surfaces, drainage facilities, and other structures. The NDES and its video-logging devices will be GIS/GPS related and will be operated by community-based micro-enterprises of infrastructure maintenance and operation, and will promote safety and especially security accessibility services in both urban and remote rural areas. Similarly, Low cost X-ray devices could detect the size and amount of reinforcing steel in concrete members, permitting inspectors to verify the presence of steel inside a concrete member after it had been cast, thus ensuring the safety and soundness of the structure. The device is also useful for the retrofitting of structural elements.



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